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Student Planner Information
Important Health Updates
Letters About Literature
2014-2015 School Calendar
Anti-Harassment Policy

School Events
•  Senior ad pictures due
•  Open Mic Night
Time: 6:00 PM
•  2:00 History Club meeting for those attending Greece/Italy trip
•  Volunteers Basketball vs. Jacksonville-Away 5:00 p.m. (B, G, V)
2/5/2015 to 2/6/2015
•  Area Basketball Tournament (G, V)

Sports Events
•  Cheer Camp  (Cheerleading)

Organizations Events
•  Pictures for senior ads due  (Seniors)
•  Meeting for 2016 Trip to London, Normandy, and Paris  (History Club)
Time: 1:00 PM
•  University Day at University of Alabama  (Seniors)
•  Graduation Fee Due--$60.00  (Seniors)

Services Events
•  Lab 159 Burton 1st-5th periods  (Computer Lab Schedules)
•  Lab 184-A. Brown 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th periods  (Computer Lab Schedules)
•  Lab 159-K. Burns 1st and 2nd periods  (Computer Lab Schedules)

Library Events
•  6th and 7th periods-L. Smith
Recurrence: Weekly from 1/16/2015 to 1/30/2015
•  Ms. Burton-1st-5th periods
•  6th Period-Burton
Recurrence: Weekly from 1/12/2015 to 3/23/2015
•  7th Period-Hughes
Recurrence: Weekly from 1/12/2015 to 3/23/2015
•  6th Period-Emigh
Recurrence: Weekly from 1/13/2015 to 2/10/2015
•  2nd Period-Emigh
Recurrence: Weekly from 1/27/2015 to 2/10/2015
•  7th Period-Dean
Recurrence: Weekly from 1/13/2015 to 2/10/2015
•  6th and 7th Periods-K. Scott
Recurrence: Weekly from 1/14/2015 to 2/11/2015
•  6th and 7th Periods-Harkness
Recurrence: Weekly from 1/15/2015 to 2/12/2015
Announcements 01-29-15
Open Mic night will be this Friday, January 31st at 6:00 PM in the gym.  Admission will be $3. SGA members remember to wear...

Faites vos valises (or pack your bags)   Updated at 1/30/2015 9:37:00 AM
The CHS History Club plans a trip across “the pond”

Central Moms 3 on 3 Tournament   
The first annual Central Volunteer Moms 3 on 3 basketball tournament will be held February 21st, 2015, in the Central High gym....

Prepare for a Flamingo Frenzy   
The Sr. Beta club at CHSCC will be starting a "Flamingo Frenzy" the week of January 19 inorder to sponsor their upcoming trip...

2014-2015 Yearbooks On Sale   
      One Year. One Book. Your chance to preserve it all. Central High School of Clay County yearbook is on sale....

Queen of Hearts Pageant   
Central High School's band will once again host the Queen of Hearts pageant on February 14, 2015, beginning at 2:00 p.m.  More...