Mission Statement  

Central High School of Clay County Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe environment for the invigoration of the student learning experience so that students' achievements can grow in a manner that promotes success for their futures and our own.


Clay County School System Mission Statement

The mission of the Clay County Schools is to provide an educational program that meets the needs of all students.  This can be accomplished through the recognition of individual differences, socioeconomic conditions, expectations of parents, and an understanding of the school system's financial ability.


  About The School  

About the School

Central High School is the project of Superintendent Garey Reynolds, who worked after his election to secure funds necessary to implement the construction of the facility.  In conjunction with Governor Bob Riley; Clay County Board of Education Members, Jimmy Luker, Arthur Oliver, Denise Todd, Donald Harris and Shirley Dawkins; and Blue Ribbon Panel members, , Mark Bowen, Kermit Caldwell, Lorenzo Caldwell, Don Fulbright, Mike Perry, David Proctor, Don Riley, Larry Robertson, David Rush, Fredonia Smith, David Staples, Charles Stephens, Mamie Turman, Stan Wilson and Grace Wood; the project was brought into fruition and officially opened on August 14, 2012.  Since the opening, the Volunteer spirit with which it was infused has been evident in every area.  The current administration ensures this will continue.

Alma Mater

Alma Mater

We lift our hands in loyalty, integrity, unity.

We show our courage and respect, as

Vols of Clay County

We strive for greatness and success

in we try to do.

With all our mind, body, and soul

we will be fair and true.

Central High we look to you

Our colors red, white and blue.

Our loyalty will see us through

as we remember you!